NEJM Watch endorses acupuncture

Times are changing! Here senior editor at New England Journal of Medicine Journal Watch highly endorsed acupuncture! While trial was good but there are many similar. The reason I’m posting this is that there is a clear trend to move acupuncture into main stream medicine in America. If acupuncturists should unite in their profession to integrate into academic and large institution structures. By the way in this study on dyspepsia result was that 83% of patients felt better. If this was a drug it would be an instant new bestseller since millions of people have postprandial dyspepsia. This is specifically important for older adults who suffer disproportionately from side effects of prescribed medications for this condition! #agewise#agewisehealth #gwcim #gwuh #geriatrics #gwsmhs #gwmed#gwofficeofintegrativemedicine

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